Ads CTA Button Monitor

Ads CTA Button Monitor

Integrations required to work: Facebook Ads Permission, Slack


Get notified if you forgot to set a call-to-action button in any of your ads.

How to use?

1. Set up your Checker Node
Pick an Ad Account and specify which CTA types should be excluded.
Pick the desired lookback timeframe for the automation (for example, if you choose 30 days from the last edit, the automation will ignore all ads where the editing date is older than this).

2. Set up your Slack Notifier
Pick a slack channel to get notified and write a custom message to be sent to this channel once the automation finds something wrong with your CTAs

What does it do?

The automation will get all active ads in an account and check that all have custom CTAs corrently set. If there is a missing or false CTA button, it will send a slack notification with a link to the affected ads

Why should you use it?

When setting up many ads, it is easy to sometimes pick the wrong CTA Button for your campaigns. As the CTA Button heavily influences performance, you can easily check for them automatically.

How frequently should you schedule it?

For optimal results, set this automation to run every hour