Ads Link Uptime Monitor

Ads Link Uptime Monitor

Integrations required to work: Facebook Ads, Slack


Get notified if any of your landing pages stop working or if you made a typo in the URL.

How to use?

1. Set up your checker node
Pick an Ad Account and the lookback time on when Ads were edited. All ads edited before this time will be ignored in the automation.

2. Set up your notifier node
Provide a Slack Channel where you would like to get notified if any of the URLs in your ads are incorrect, and a custom message to receive.

What does it do?

  • Gets all active ads in an account
  • Checks if the landing page / link destination and display URL are up and don’t throw an error (> 400)
  • If the URLs are not responding or throw an error (e.g. 404), it will send slack notification with link to affected ads for quick action.

Why should you use it?

Prevent money from being sent down the drain due to malfunctioning websites / landing pages etc.

How frequently should it run?

For best results, we recommend scheduling this automation hourly