Ads Pixel Tracking Monitor

Ads Pixel Tracking Monitor

Integrations required to work: Facebook Ads, Slack


Check if your Facebook Pixel is enabled on each active ad within an account

How to use?

1. Set up your checker node
Select an Ad Account and a Pixel belonging to that account that you want to check.
If the pixel has specific events you want to check for, search for those events.
Set up a lookback window in hours. The automation will look back on this timeframe to check if events were triggered.

2.Slack Notifier
Pick a channel and write a custom message you’d like to receive when the automation finds ads where the Facebook Pixel is set wrong.

What does it do?

  • Gets all active ads in an account
  • Checks if Facebook Pixel should be enabled (always should be when sending people to a web page)
  • Check if Pixel is enabled
  • If the Pixel isn’t enabled, send slack notification with link to affected ads

Why should you use it?

When setting up many ads, its a common mistake to forget to activate the pixel. This can result in the loss of all data coming from conversions or other events related to this ad. This recipe avoids that from happening ever again.

How frequently should you schedule it?

For optimal results, set this automation to run every hour