Audience Info Exporter [PRO]

Audience Info Exporter [PRO]

Integrations required to work: Facebook Ads, Google Drive


Export custom and lookalike audience information from all selected ad accounts.

How to use?

  1. Set up your Fetcher Node
    Select one or more Accounts to grab custom audiences from

  2. Set up your Writer Node
    Pick an existing stylesheet document from your Google Drive files, and select in which sheet should the data be written.

What does it do?

Gets all custom and lookalike audience from one or many accounts with all the available information and export it to a Google Drive sheet. If there is already information on this sheet, the automation will override it each time it runs.

Why should you use it?

Once you have created hundreds of audiences, especially across accounts, it is easy to lose oversight over all the different custom audiences and look-a-like audience that have been created, which are useful and which can be removed.
Together with a “Campaign & Adset Settings” exporter tool you could cross-reference these audiences to understand which ones are currently used and which aren’t.

How frequently should you schedule it?

We recommend to simply run the automation manually each time needed