Budget Pacing Monitor [PRO]

Budget Pacing Monitor [PRO]


Monitor whether you’re on track for your monthly spend target.

How to use?

1. Set up the Checker Node
Pick an account.
Establish your monthly budget and the boundary (min and max) you are willing to accept. If the values go above or beyond this, this will trigger a notifier.
Theres also a feature to get recommendation on whether to increase or decrease spend based on how this is going along the month.

2. Set up the Notifier Node
Pick a channel to be notified in Slack and a custom message (optional)

What does it do?

Receive Slack notifications if your account or a set of campaigns are on pace to spending “significantly” more or less than you have budgeted for the month.
You are able to set what “significant” means to you: For some underspending by 20% is no big deal, for others even 10% underspending is a big deal.
This automation recipe checks the spend from the first of the month until yesterday and extrapolates linearly what you would spend in the full month if you keep spending at the same rate.

Why should you use it?

  • Make sure that you don’t overspend for an account or set of campaigns or individual campaign
  • Make sure that you’re not underspending / getting underdelivery for your account or set of campaigns or individual campaign
  • If you’re an agency / freelancer, making sure that you don’t have to refund your clients for overspending

How frequently should you schedule it?

We recommend every morning, so you are notified when something is off at the earliest possible point.