Custom Audience Bulk-Creator

Custom Audience Bulk-Creator

Integrations required to work: Facebook Ads, Google Drive


Creates new custom audiences based on pixel and events

How to use it?

1. Set up the Creator node
Provide an Ad Account and pick a Pixel.
Add information on naming, and create as many Audience Profiles as needed.

2. Set up the Notifier Node
Pick a Slack channel and create an optional custom message to receive once the automation has completed its run.

What does it do?

Bulk-create custom audiences from your Facebook pixel

Why should you use it?

Instead of having to manually setup all custom audiences or worse, not have the same structure of audiences in all your accounts available, you can use the custom audience creator to do that for you with a click of a button.

How frequently should I run it?

Just once, manually every time a new account is added.


Sample Slack Notification: