Media Uploader (Email)

Media Uploader (Email) [PRO]

Integrations required to work: Google Drive, Facebook Ads, Email


Automatically bulk-upload videos and images to the Facebook Media Libary as soon as they are added to a Google Drive folder.

How to use it?

1. Set up the Observer node
Select a folder from your Google Drive, and pick which file types to look for to be uploaded.

2.Set up the Uploader node
Pick the Account to which Media Library will receive the files from the previous Google Drive folder set up in step 1.

3. Set up Mover node
Pick as source folder the same folder you chose for the Observer node in Step 1, and pick a target folder to move the files that have been successfully uploaded in Step 2.

4. Set up Notifier node
Type your email address and custom message to be sent when this automation has uploaded one or more assets to your media library.

What does it do?

This automation checks for files in a specific Google Drive folder, uploads those files to your Media Library in a specific Facebook Account, and then move the uploaded files from one Google Drive folder to another, to make sure they aren’t uploaded again when a new automation gets triggered. Finally, it notifies you via email when the process is completed.

Why should you use it?

Instead of downloading and uploading all assets, when you get sent assets for your campaigns, you can let your video/image creators directly put the assets into a Google Drive folder and never waste time with uploading again.

How frequently should you schedule it?

Depending on how often your team uploads creative assets, hourly or daily.