Performance Data Exporter

Performance Data Exporter [PRO]

Integrations needed to work: Facebook Ads, Google Drive


Export your Facebook Ads performance data to a Google Spreadsheet. Run on a schedule for real-time updates.

How to use?

1. Set up the Fetcher Node
Choose an account and a timeframe to get insights from.
Choose the type of time breakdown for the report, the report time, and level.
Optionally, pick which is the breakdown you want to use for delivery.

2. Set up your Exporter Node
Pick an existing Google Sheet from your Google Drive files, and pick which sheet in that document should be used to export the data

What does it do?

The automation will pull reporting data on any level (account, campaign, adset or ad) from a facebook account and optionally, break it down by the standard delivery breakdowns (Country, Age & Gender etc.)
You can get data from any time range and relative to today (last 7 days, this month, etc)
The data will be exported to a specific sheet in a Google Drive document. If this sheet has got information, this will be replaced by a new report

Why should you use it?

In order to build transparent reporting for your clients (if you’re an agency or freelancer), it is useful to automate the raw data export from Facebook and then build a report (in GoogleSheets) or dashboard (in Google Data Studio) that is based on the automatically updated data.
You might also use this to export data in multiple breakdowns to build a proper monitoring dashboard that allows you to spot if something is off really fast.

How frequently should you schedule it?

Set it to run every day to get up to date reports