Pixel Monitor (Slack)

Pixel Monitor (Slack)

Integrations required to work: Facebook Ads, Slack


Automatically check whether any pixel events stop working. Get notified via Slack.

How to use?

1. Set up the Fetcher Node
Select Ad Account and a Pixel to monitor. You can also specify a specific event to monitor.
Set up the amount of hours to look back to see if the Pixel was triggered

2. Set up the Notifier Node
Pick a channel to get notified on Slack and create a custom message (optional) to be displayed when this Pixel/Event isn’t working

What does it do?

Notifies when a pixel events doesn’t fire in a user-specified timeframe. This works to quickly be aware if something that should be getting regular traffic/events is failing.

Why should you use it?

When something is off in your conversion funnel, it might not be obvious; as most funnels have some sort of alert to check for the last conversion event, with this pixel checker you can check for every event and identify errors early on

How frequently should you schedule it?

We recommend to set up a daily schedule for this monitor