UTM Parameter Monitor

UTM Parameter Monitor

Integrations needed to work: Facebook Ads, Slack


Get notified if any of your active ads has wrong or missing UTM parameters.

How to use?

1. Set up the Checker Node
Pick an account and complete your default values that should be present in all of your ads across this account.
You can also set up how far back you want to look into by setting up a number of days of past edited ads.

  1. Set up the Notifier Node
    Pick a Slack channel and optionally add a custom message to be triggered if any of the parameters is wrong.


  • get all active ads in an account
  • check if the utm parameters are set correctly according to user input
  • if utms are not correct, send slack notification with link to affected ads

Why should you use it?

To make sure that all utm parameters follow the same logic, so that tracking in Analytics makes complete sense

How frequently should I schedule it?

We recommend this automation to be scheduled hourly for best results